This I Believe

Mike - La Grange, Illinois
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

What Ever Happened to the Electric Car?

This is not some conspiracy report about how GM killed the electric car. It’s about a belief, and no, not the belief the electric car will come back. When you think of cars of our past what do you think of? Probably not the electric car, however, some of the first automobiles were electric and paved the way for the cars of today. The electric car is not remembered as it should be, and is largely forgotten about. The electric car is our history, and it is a good example of what I believe. History needs to be remembered and we should honor what happened before us.

As cars get more modern, the past cars get forgotten. In the car world, people care about speed, control, and looks. They could care less about the puny electric car that barely did 60 miles per hour. I have had a very close encounter with people forgetting the past. Recently I went a local auto show to look at the cars. While I was there I saw a small section of floor space dedicated to a brand of electric car. I was happy to see this. It shows that the electric car is not entirely gone, but is extremely close. With this good there was some bad. Even though there was a space for the electric car, the exhibit at the auto show was passed by like no one cared, and was lost in the shadow of the faster, bigger, and more stylish Ferraris across the room. Even in the Smithsonian, one of the last electric cars was taken off of exhibit there. As the artifacts of out history get forgotten, the world will repeat the same mistakes again. It is for this reason I strongly believe in the old saying, those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. I think that if the world remembered the past, there would be many people that would be honored more than they are, and more accomplishments would receive praise. Instead when the past is forgotten, the people and things, some that are good ideas, are forgotten right along with them.

Even though people are trying to revive history, it might not be enough. There are history books, but books can become old and illegible. There are people, but people become forgetful, eventually all of our history will be lost. And when that happens people won’t ask the question what ever happened to the electric car because no one will know that an electric car ever existed in the first place.