This I Believe

Andrew - Garden City, Michigan
Entered on February 25, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family

I Believe in Fishing

When I was only three years old my parents separated, and eventually divorced. As the years went by my father and I started to grow apart. My father had an idea of what he wanted me to be, the shoe didn’t fit. While on the other hand my sister fit what he wanted out of his children. As I was growing up I resented this, but now I realized it has made me a stronger person, as well as bringing me closer to my mother. Still through it all my father and I have had our fishing trips. I believe in fishing.

Fishing is the one thing through it all that has kept my father and I together. When we are out on the water fishing there is this very weird yet comforting feeling. For the time we are out sitting on the waves its like we see everything eye to eye. We work as a team the whole day, unloading the boat, setting the anchor, putting out riggers, filling the live well, and loading the boat back up. Even after when we are back at his house we clean and cook the fish together that evening. But for some reason if we weren’t fishing those things wouldn’t ever happen. The only other time we have dinner together is on a holiday or a birthday, and the rare family get togethers at my grandpas’ house. Yet fishing has the power to bring us together.

Being that my father and I haven’t ever spent a lot of time together we haven’t really had many of those father son lessons. I can only think of a handful of times were he sat down with me to teach me something. One of those few times we were out on lake Erie and the fishing was slow. He looked over and asked me if I wanted to drive the boat. As a twelve year old boy I jumped at the chance, I had always wanted to drive the boat. So we reeled our bait in, tied the rods down and got situated, me in the drivers seat, my dad next to me. I slowly gave it throttle, and he taught me how to go through the waves to the boat didn’t jump, and how to adjust the trim so the boat didn’t point straight up to where you couldn’t see in front of you. He taught me what the different buoys meant and how to approach each of them. But the hardest thing for me to learn was there are no brakes on a boat. I almost learned that lesson the hard way. Even as little an event this may seem it meant a lot to me then, as well as now.

As I have gotten older I have learned many things from my father. So a lot of the things I learned from him weren’t the happy story book way where we would sit down together and he would show me something. Or we didn’t have those father son talks. I learned from being around him, just as I learned from watching his mistakes. I picked things up from watching him, along with a whole lot of trial and error done on my own. Still I learned out on the water, what a father should always be like in my eyes. I’ve learned many life long lessons out on the water. In a sense I’ve grown up out there. And so it is that I believe in fishing.