This I Believe

lanqing - conway, Arkansas China
Entered on February 24, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

friendship forever

Last Saturday, I was working in cafeteria when my cell phone rang. One of my friends called me, and she just wanted to say “Happy Chinese New Year” to me. After that, I became warm and warm because I was a little bit sad in the special festival. I believe friends are important for me forever.

I have come to America for studying for five months now. I always miss my friends in China, so I stick many pictures of them on the wall that I can see them whenever I miss them. I miss the happy time when we hang out together, ate together, went shopping together.

I remember that hard time when my friend accompanied with me all the time. I just broke up with my boy friend, so I was so sad that turned off my cell phone, sat a chair in the park which I always went there with my boy friend before. Facing the quiet lake, I did not know what I was thinking about. My brain just liked a piece of paper nothing in it. I felt lonely and heartrending. Suddenly, someone sitting next to me and passed a cup of ice-cream. I knew who she was, so I just took it and did not say anything face to face because I would not like her to see my upset face. I just opened the lid, and then began eating. It was so cold that made my teeth pain, but I liked using this way to abreact, she knows. After I finished it, she also did not say anything, but she gave me a warm hug. Leaning against her shoulder, I suddenly found that they were always accompanied with me, never left. I cried not because he dumped me, but my friends were around me all the time. I thought I was moving for many reasons. Not only she knew where I was, but also she knew what I wanted to get and abreact. Absolutely, I believed staying with my friends is such an important part of my life.

Although we are in the different country now, I feel they are next to me when we are talking on the phone. Once I heard greetings and regards, I know they are my motivity to do everything well here. Miss the time we were together when we shared the sadness and happiness.

Whatever the time and space are changed, they are always in my mind. I will give them hugs and tell them that I miss you so much because I believe clearly my friends are important for me forever.