This I Believe

Alanna - La Grange Park, Illinois
Entered on February 23, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe

I believe in not trusting first impressions. Last year, freshman year, I was excited to meet new people. I was nervous as well because I did not know many people in my classes; however I did know that I had a few good friends in my lunch period. First semester passed and many people changed lunches. On the first day of second semester, I found the rest of my friends who kept the same lunch still at the same spots as first semester, and they were sitting with a few new people that I did not know. That was the day in which I met this girl named Sarah.

Sarah seemed like a nice girl but she was quiet and kept to herself for the most part. I got to know her a little bit because she sat at my lunch table and she seemed a little different. She is a big swimmer and so are some of the other people at my lunch table which is why she sat with us, but we never had a long, conversation, or even a conversation outside of the lunch room. We would say brief hello’s to each other in the hallways and quick exchanges at lunch but nothing more than that. All Sarah could talk about was swimming and water polo. It got a bit ridiculous at times because I and my one other friend who sat with us were not swimmers so we didn’t completely understand what everyone was talking about, and often times it was a bit awkward.

A year later, Sarah and I were in English together and also the only two from our old lunch who had the same lunch again this year and although we were acquaintances, we still hadn’t become genuine friends, we knew each other well enough to talk to each other and decided to share a lunch table again this semester with a bunch of our other friends. As the semester drew on, Sarah and I became exceptionally close friends and were calling each other almost every night, just to talk. We talked about everything and I realized that she and I are similar, we both have a sport which controls our lives, she has her swimming and I have my dancing. I realized how wrong I was about Sarah and felt bad that I didn’t realize it earlier but glad that I figured it out now rather than later. I learned not to trust my first impression, like not judging a book by its cover.