This I Believe

Ginger - Boise, Idaho
Entered on February 23, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in New Year’s Resolutions. The kind you write down in a notebook or on a blank piece of paper entitled “New Year’s Resolutions.”

And, when I mention this to people they look at me askance as if I suddenly appeared from another planet – or maybe from the distant past. Then they usually ask something along the line of, “Why? Why would you want to saddle yourself with a New Year’s resolution? Something that peaks over your shoulder all year long to remind you of your short comings?” New Year’s resolutions can seem to be like that history term paper you were assigned in the tenth grade that you knew about all semester but didn’t start working on until two days before it was due, but they don’t have to.

And, who says New Year’s resolutions need to be those dreaded self-improvement projects? Stop smoking. Eat healthy. Get more exercise. And, who says you should only make one resolution?

I must admit that I make at least two dozen New Year’s resolutions each year. And, I never think that once New Year’s Day has passed it’s too late to make them. New Year’s Day is just the day I start thinking about my list for the year.

I make so many resolutions each year that I write them down in categories. But, my resolutions are anything but dreaded self-improvement projects. They are listings of the activities I want to be sure to include in my life over the course of the year to provide some balance to work and all of the necessary errands that keep my life on track.

So, under “2007 New Year’s Resolutions” I’ve written: meet my sisters in Cedar City, Utah to see King Lear under the stars at the Shakespeare theater, go cross-country skiing, meet my husband in the park after work at least one night each week during the summer for a picnic. (A picnic that will probably be a take out pizza and a couple of sodas!). I also wrote down: take a trip down the Missouri River Breaks, see the Messiah in December and hike in the Hagerman Fossil Beds.

Do I keep all of my resolutions? No, but I keep several of them. This makes my life so much more balanced than if I never wrote anything down on a piece of paper labeled “New Year’s Resolutions,” so didn’t have the incentive to try to accomplish them.