This I Believe

Jeff - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on February 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30


I believe friendship is the greatest asset of life. While growing up, it is important to always have that one great friend during elementary or middle school. The friendship may not be as close as the past, but he calls every now and then. Friendships are the key to having a fulfilling life. When there is a fork in the road, friends are always there to keep your head high and help you move forward. Helping out a friend always seems to turn right back around in the long run when you are in trouble.

I remember a normal day in 8th grade, I headed into my first period class, tired as usual, when my teacher informed me that my best friend Dale’s father has passed away. Although his family was there, I knew I wanted to be by his side because he would do the same for me. This is when I realized how friendship can help during hard times.

Four years later, I was faced with many tough choices that would determine the future ahead of me. I finally chose to attend Purdue University to play football, but many people in my high school did not believe in me. People would yelled things like, “You won’t make it!”, “You shouldn’t go there.”, and many other harsh things. In the end, Dale was right there by my side encouraging me and keeping my head up. Just the thought of him being by my side brought my spirits up.

After these two scenarios, I saw how close and real our friendship really was. Dale’s friendship has helped me take steps towards reaching my goals. Everyone runs into the rough parts of growing up, but I believe the secret to getting past the rough spots is a close friend. They are the ones who can lift your spirits up, keep you moving forward and help you through any challenges you face.

When Dale’s dad died it was a big step for me and I realized The true meaning of friendship. It gave me a chance to help my best friend out in a positive manner where he could continue his life knowing I will always be on his side. Four years after that he helped me with the tough decision of where I was going to college. When I finally chose, the rest of the students never thought I would be able to make it, but Dale was there to help keep my head up. Standing by his side in 8th grade only led to him standing by my side senior year. This is why I believe friendship is the greatest asset of life.