This I Believe

Julia - West Lafayette, Indiana
Entered on February 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Scrumptious Desserts

I believe in having dessert; a scrumptious dessert consisting of moist chocolate cake covered in gooey hot fudge, creamy chocolate icing, and topped with luscious caramel drizzle. I believe that allowing oneself to indulge in the sweetness of a delectable dessert should be a reward for persevering through life’s hardships and toils.

Growing up, family dinners at home were customary. Everyone would gather after a tough day at school or work to sit down to eat. The majority of the time, my mom would serve some sort of vegetable, and it had to be eaten in order to get dessert. Over the years, I developed a strong distaste for the ever-present vegetable. I remember one particular instance where we had corn for dinner. I chewed and chewed that corn. An intelligent person would have thought to chew and swallow quickly. In my childish stubbornness, however, I let the corn linger in my mouth in disgust, thinking of how dreadful it would be if I actually had to swallow it. That night, while my mom was baking cookies, we drove a friend to the airport. To my dismay, I remember chewing the last bite of corn in my mouth the whole way there and back. When we returned from the airport, the aroma of warm chocolate chip cookies drifted through my nostrils. The welcome scent of chocolaty goodness persuaded me to finish the remainder of my corn.

In my later years, I came to realize the importance of doing things you do not necessarily enjoy in order to receive benefits. My experiences in a couple of my college biology classes embodied this idea. The professor of these particular courses presented the material in a manner that did not complement my learning style. Because of this, I had to re-teach myself all of the material in a way that I understood before the exams. I hated doing this because I felt like it was a waste of time to go to the classes in the first place. After successfully completing these courses though, I realized that it was worth it to teach myself the material so that I might develop myself academically.

There are instances in my life, such as this one, where I must be disciplined and do things that are not enjoyable in order to benefit from them in the long run. Living a life comprised solely of hard work and restraint isn’t fulfilling unless I can sit back and truly enjoy what I have accomplished.

So of all the rewards, why do I choose dessert? Dessert is what first taught me the valuable lesson of receiving benefits from discipline and completing tasks that are sometimes unpleasant. Tasting a spoon of silky chocolate ice cream after dieting for a week is like getting a gold medal after a rigorous marathon. That’s just the beginning of why I believe in indulging in a scrumptious, chocolate dessert.