This I Believe

Brett - Matawan, New Jersey
Entered on February 23, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

Waiting Tables

I believe that everyone should be required to wait tables once in their life. I believe that you can learn how to respect people after waiting tables. After the day is over, if one recalls, one will probably realize there was someone you came across that you should have treated better. Should you have tipped that delivery boy a little more money? Did you say please when asking for something? After waiting tables, I believe people acquire the importance of respecting others in any situation, as well as, having gratitude for random acts of kindness.

I worked in a restaurant my sophomore year of high school, and it taught me a great deal. It taught me how to be respectful and courteous to others. It also taught the importance of having proper manners and etiquette. On Sunday mornings, I dreaded going to work. Crowds of elderly people came to the restaurant after church. Their actions were often the exact opposite of appropriate behavior. I observed foods falling out of mouths, yelling across the restaurant, and still tipping on 10 percent are just a few. Many patrons commanded things instead of asking politely. Waiters and waitresses deal with these acts of disrespect all the time.

After being a server, you learn to respect waiters and waitresses when you are in the customer’s seat. You learn that appropriate responses like please and thank you make a difference. These simple, courteous words are actually quite powerful. They create a feeling of accomplishment and a feeling of goodwill. Those words let you know that you have just helped someone and that they appreciate your hard work. It doesn’t seem like much, but gratitude goes a long way. Waiting tables simply teaches you how to properly treat people in everyday society. Although I hated the job, after reflecting upon it, I realize that it helped me grow as an individual and was for my own good.

I believe that everyone should be required to wait tables. You learn how to respect people. You learn that being courteous is important. You find ways to be overly appreciative. Waiting tables can have a profound impact on a person’s character. It teaches you a lot about how to interact with the general public. Waiting tables also gives you a sense of accomplishment. The feeling of doing something for others is good. Everyone should be required to wait tables. This I believe.