This I Believe

Frank - Vacaville, California
Entered on February 22, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe;

I am a fifty-four year old man. I have been married for almost thirty-three years. I have a nineteen year old son who is going to college and working part time.

Recently, I have been thinking about my origin. I am a Native American. My mother was Pueblo and my father was Apache. When thinking about the wisdom of my parents, it seems like a dream. Knowledge of the ancient ones. Lately my belief system has been trans- formed. It has changed from a modern ideology, to an ancient and forgotten way of life.

This is what I believe. I believe that each of us human beings is living within our own story. We are the producer, the director, and the main character. We write the script and the plot is our life. Every day is a scene in our movie. We can choose to make a tragedy, a comedy, or an adventure. The choice is ours to make. At a certain time in our life we are able to control our story. If we choose to suffer, then our life is a tragedy. If we choose to live in joy and creativity, then our life is inspirational.

I believe that our parents created each of us, so we could create our own story. They domesticated each of us, to live in a shared dream. Each of us; living in our own story, chooses to live within this shared dream. Culture consists of many human beings coming together as a group and making agreements for living together. Some of us call these agreements laws.

I believe that when our parents domesticated each of us, their story was reflected on us. If their lives were filled with sadness and despair, then the darkness would cover the bright light of life itself. If their lives were filled with joy and creativity, the splendor of that reflection would affect our story. Each of us has a responsibility to each other to create a positive environment, for ourselves as well as others.

I believe that awareness is the key to create this environment. Awareness of what we say and what we do. We must make every action and reaction a positive environment. Love unconditionally. In order to cross a great divide we must build a bridge. Reach out to each other.