This I Believe

Anne - prospect hts, Illinois
Entered on February 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18


Good for the Sole

Chocolate makes everything better. Chocolate, warm sweet chocolate, gives you a moment to step back and look at things in a rational way. It’s calming. If your angry or depressed, a piece of chocolate, sweet warm chocolate, never fails to make you feel better. Just close your eyes and float away on a cloud of rich creamy goodness. Chocolate makes everything better. Don’t get me wrong you can’t solve every problem with chocolate. In fact I would say the only problem you can solve with chocolate is hunger. Chocolate, warm sweet chocolate, never fails to make you feel that your problems aren’t without solutions.

I’m crunched over my desk, screaming inside. Its 10:45 pm and I just got home from school and work, now I have hours of homework left. I can’t do it, I can’t get all of this done, I have two papers to finish and at least and hour of trigonometry. I can’t do it. All I need is chocolate, warm sweet, chocolate floating on my tong rich and indescribable. Every thing is better. All the papers really need, is editing, and the there’s only 10 trig problems and it’s a review of the stuff we learned last week. The rich creamy goodness of chocolate always makes things better.

Also, chocolate has magical qualities. If you’ve read Harry Potter you know that chocolate makes you feel better after a dementor attacks. It’s the same thing in the series The Dresden File. Chocolate is “good to use in spells to ward off evil magic,” not to mention Dresden says “its good to carry around in case you get hungry too.” So, it’s a fact that Chocolate, warm sweet chocolate, is simply good for the soul.

I’m back stage with Linda getting ready for a show (were both in stage crew) Linda starts crying oh no I’m horrible at comforting people especially when I don’t even know what’s wrong. Then I remember, I have a bag of Hershey kisses in my backpack, “come on Linda” I say leading her to the corner my back pack is in, we sit down and tear of the shiny foil then let the chocolaty goodness work its magic. The next thing I know Linda’s smiling laughing at my theories about chocolates magic qualities, but she can’t deny that chocolate, warm sweet chocolate dues indeed make everything better.

The world we live in is one where speed is of the essence. Every one rushes around, trying to check off items on their never ending to do list. They’re always trying to squeeze the full potential out of every second of every day. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of it to. We never have time to relax and enjoy simple indulgences like chocolate, sweet warm chocolate. We just go go go until we collapse from exhaustion and stress. Which is why I believe, chocolate, warm sweet chocolate, makes everything better. Nothing is better at helping us to just chill.

Life may throw a curve ball every now and then. In fact, sometimes life just really stinks. So when you’re feeling down, have some, sweet warm chocolate. It will make your feel better. And remember, life is a lot like chocolate, sometimes it’s dark and bitter, and other times its creamy and sweet, but it’s always transcending.