This I Believe

Michelle - Indianapolis, Indiana
Entered on February 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

At the end of the day I can travel back to the 1800s or to the impressive heat of the Sahara Desert or to the deepest depths of the ocean. When I finish with my homework I can settle down and take a trip forward to the 25th century or the extreme cold of the North Pole or to some foreign galaxy in outer space. I do not know what I would do if I couldn’t read.

Books help me get through the day, I come home knowing that after I get everything done that I need to; I can sit down and read a book. I don’t always read books, sometimes I read the newspaper, or magazines, but normally I read books. By and large I read fiction, from fantasy to mystery to romance; I’ve read some of everything, from kids books to teen books and adult books. They are all slightly different, some more relaxing others more suspenseful. By reading, I escape our world and enter a different one. It is relaxing, because when I finish all the stress of my home work, I can simply pick up a book and enter a whole new world.

I read fast, I know it, my parents know it, and most of my friends know it. I enjoy reading, I might even say it is one of my few passions in life. I love to read. Whenever I go to the library I always get about ten books or more, especially during the summer. And when I get to the car, as soon as I am seated I will start reading a book right away. I will be constantly reading until I have finished all the books I rented. Sometimes, when I am to the most suspenseful part of the book and it is 11 O’clock, at night I won’t go to sleep until I finish. I can’t possibly put it down. I never get bored of reading.

If I couldn’t read I would become very depressed. I was talking to my mom not to long ago and I asked, “Do you think you would rather go blind or deaf?” I don’t remember what prompted me to ask this question, but I did. We both agreed that we would rather be deaf then blind. If I was blind, I wouldn’t be able to read, and that would be hard. Many people say but then you wouldn’t be able to listen to music, I realize that I would miss listening to a good tune every once in awhile, but I would miss reading so much more if I was blind then I would ever miss a good tune.

Reading is an escape, not everyone appreciate the true art of reading. I don’t know if I even appreciate the true art of reading, I know I try. Reading is an escape from the stress of everyday life, this I believe.