This I Believe

Kellie - Colden, New York
Entered on February 21, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe horses possess mystical powers, not mystical as the mythical unicorn, but mystical in a spiritual way. Equine history dating back to when dinosaurs roamed the earth and died the horse beyond all adversities lived on.

Mystically, we hold an infatuation for the horse, accompanied with intense desire to own them, despite their daily care, and high doses of hugs, discipline, dental care, shoes, shots, schooling, baths, cleaning stalls, veterinarian calls, and more.

Ask anyone owning a horse, they will tell you the benefits far out-weigh, those walks to the barn in bad weather, being up all night because your “baby” has colic, or spending money designated for yourself, on the blacksmith.

How does the mystery of the horse work? I’m not sure. Owning horses, I’ve seen evidence of their mystical powers, watching them display innate capabilities in creating worlds some individuals could never experience without their equine magic, coupled with their uncanny ability in healing the human spirit, physical and mentally.

I became a believer witnessing physically or mentally challenged individuals, unable to walk or talk no control of their limp extremities, ride a horse and their handicap restrictions vanished. The verbally mute utter their first words, when a horse lowers their head to their waiting wheelchair, or individuals unable to speak in public partnered with a horse gain confidence to perform in front of hundreds of spectators.

Troubled teens find a friend in the horse. By administering unconditional love, horses allow sad, lonely teens to cry, or vent anger, hugging the big warm neck of their hay-munching friend who listens. Their equine friend with no ulterior motives or hidden agendas gives wholly of themselves, assisting in the transformation from a despondent to a confident teen.

Horses not only facilitate physical strength, but aid in building mental strength, when a cathartic experience transpires, in the simple task of cleaning stalls or grooming them. Their horsy needs simple, love me, feed me, give me TLC and I will be there for you.

Yet horses have minds of their own, their training not an overnight process. It may take years of hard work, with a few bumps and bruises along the way, teaching patience and perseverance, achieving finished results, well worth the ride.

Finding the right combination of horse and rider is not always easy. When it happens, it’s the making of poetry in motion, as horse and rider communicate so quiet, no one can see it.

In summary, horses are good for,

The body: Working with horses builds physical strength, coordination, and athletic ability, generating physical wellness.

The mind, achieves a sense of well being, enabling it to think and work things through, finding clarity.

The soul, finds serenity. Riding on a breezy day, winds tugging at your shirt and blowing across your face, you realize the horse in all its power is ‘letting’ you ride. At this precise moment, you appreciate the omnificent universe you are part of, hosted by ‘The Mystical Powers of the Horse’.