This I Believe

Jayme - LaGrange, Illinois
Entered on February 21, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: tolerance

This I believe

I believe first impressions should not identify one’s character and second chances are always worth the effort. My mom always said, “You cannot judge a book by its cover, nor a person by their first impression”. It always sounded so corny to me so I never really listened, but I now know that world is a complex place and wrapped up in all the complexities of the world there are judgments. With out second chances there would be many misunderstandings and arguments.

I remember when I was in elementary school my sister introduced me to another girl; she thought we would be good friends. But I was snobby and thought she was shy, quiet and I thought she was very odd. I did not like her, she wasn’t funny and I thought that my sister was crazy for thinking that we would be good friends. But the next day , the girl appeared at my house again and wanted to hang out , I was angry and went into my room to sulk. My sister, being much less rude than I told me to that I had to give the girl another chance otherwise I was not being a huge jerk. I finally agreed and, after talking for a while it was clear, she was a really cool person. Nine years later we are still great friends, she’s been there for me through some of the scariest times of my life. With out her I probably would have gotten in a lot of trouble or even worse in past years.

After then I always believed in giving people second chances and forgiveness, it has helped me a great amount in life. I was so blind to believe that first impressions mean anything, if anything they are awkward and sometimes it’s very hard to really see a person for who they are. Second chances go for more than just first impressions though, if I have learned one thing in my fifteen short years of life, it is that we are human and make mistakes more often than not. Life is about second chances and forgiveness, if we didn’t have that then maybe we wouldn’t have friends, marriages would fall apart and many more sad problems would arise. If we were all a little more understanding we would be able to help each other out for whatever reason it is that we are all here.