This I Believe

christine - westland, Michigan
Entered on February 21, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

I believe in Love at first Sight. Most people don’t, or they say it is just infatuation

or lust, but that’s not what I believe. I think that when you meet someone and you know

that you have a connection with them and you are willing to do whatever it takes for

them, that’s love. It may not be unconditional love or even being “in love,” but the word

to describe it is definately love.

When you first lay your eyes on them, your heart skips a beat and a cold chill runs

through your body, that’s the makings of love right there. You sit there staring at them

trying to get them to notice you, hoping that they are feeling the same warm fuzzy feeling

you are. You are too nervous and scared to go up and talk to them, but when it finally

happens, as soon as you say the word “hello” you have an instant connection with them.

You know it, they know it, the world sees it.

You are the only one they see for the moment and they the same for you. A

million thoughts race through your head and your wondering where this could go. Its too

soon to be thinking about a future, but if its just thinking about it then there really is no

harm in it, right? So you sit there and dream about what it would be like to be with this

person for a while, what it feels like to be held by them, kissed by them, loved by them. If

they knew what you were thinking about they would probably run for the hills. So you sit

there fantasizing about your future together and making little crazy plans in your head,

and you look at them square in the eye and just for a second you see a glimmer in their

eye and your reading each others minds. He is thinking about the same things you are,

now your both crazy and a little afraid. You don’t know enough about this man to be

thinking these things about him, but you are anyway. This is the first time you ever met,

the first conversation you ever had, your telling yourself that this isn’t happening, but it

is. Your conversation about the awesome burgers is just a cover up, a dead conversation that neither one of you are really thinking about. Your really thinking about how long it will be before it is okay to express what you are feeling. You are thinking about if your

family will like this person, and your thinking about if this person could be the one you

have been waiting for all your life. Your thinking that your days as a single woman could be numbered, and how that’s okay with you. As long as they can give you what you need then you can do the same for them. You want to be there, you want to hold them and kiss them. You want to spend every waking moment of the day with them. But wait, this is

your first meeting, this is nuts. But you know that they are thinking the same way because

of the starry eyed look they are giving you.

Your conversation has turned from Burgers and French Fries to Friends and Family. He is telling you that his mother is severely ill, and for a second your heart hurts for him and you yearn to be there to comfort him. But you’ll never tell him that, only because you know that he already knows this because you have some sort of ESP going on in between your heads, you see what he is thinking and he sees what you are thinking.

You are thinking how great it would be to spend a life with him, you are thinking that he

would make a great father and that he is a good provider. He sees that you are thinking

those things and he begins to wonder if you aren’t just correct on those assumptions. He

begins to think that he wants to be with you and he wants to hold you and make a life

with you. He thinks these thoughts are ridiculous because after all he is a man, and men don’t think those things, he is thinking that his days as a bachelor are numbered and that he would be willing to forsake all other women to be with you. He hates these thoughts, but they are the truth, they are coming from his heart.

It is getting late and the two of you must part ways. As he is helping you with

your coat his hand brushes your side and sends chills up your spine like an electrical

shock. You both feel it. He walks you to your car, telling you that he had a wonderful

time with you and he really wants to do it again soon. You feel the same way. Its almost

saddening that you have to go, and just as you think that you’ll just die if he doesn’t kiss

you good-bye, he does. Your body lights on fire and you know that he is yours from now

on, you know you have him hook, line and sinker. You get in your car and drive off and

the first thing you do is dial your best friend to tell her of these crazy things. She says she

is happy for you and she hopes that it all works out for the best. You hang up the phone

and think to yourself ‘Damn, that ones a keeper,’ and you actually believe it.

So as you see, this sort of thing does exist. Love isn’t the kind of thing that just happens to anyone. It only happens when two people are so right for each other that from the very beginning they can see their future in your eyes, and they are loving every moment of it.