This I Believe

Emily - New London, New Hampshire
Entered on February 20, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: war

All over the world, through out history, there have been wars; wars over religion, wars over territory, wars over unfaithful companions. My question is this: does war really solve anything? Why do we resolve our problems with lives rather than simply colloquy? This is something I shall never understand.

Not to say that I am completely against all wars. I believe some things are worth fighting for; some things simply cannot be solved with words. The thought of life without war is impossible; it is an inevitable truth.

At the same time, peace and war go hand in hand. I believe that if we didn’t know war, we wouldn’t know peace. We could not understand the beauty of amity; we would lose sight of harmony and human intimacy. We all would like to believe that peace could be everlasting. But in reality there is no plausible way for peace to truly endure, uncorrupted and eternal. The bitter shadows of life’s realities would cloud that recovered peace, perhaps slowly or more rapidly, but it would in the end begin to falter.

I think that, for many, peace and war are opposites. Black and white. But perhaps, peace and war are just part of an eternal cycle, forever changing and adapting, gaining and losing, and in the end only grey. I once read a Buddhist quote which said, “From the ashes of war bloom the flowers of peace.” And maybe from the flowers of peace come the ashes of war, and so it goes. Each generation growing and learning and becoming, but never truly understanding the meaning of a life and what it means to rob that life.

Why do we murder the innocent? Why do we watch a nation suffer because of one prideful leader who will not abnegate? We just keep pushing. We push for our own pride. We “pride” ourselves on our strength, our ability to kill. But, what pride is there in killing? What pride is there in fragmenting camaraderie? It is brotherhood that will bring us back to glory. Glory, not of an army defeated, but of a brotherhood united.

We, as a human race, will never be completely immersed in interminable peace. There will always be, somewhere, a war. But, as we find, that is what life is. Life is peace and war and everything in between.