This I Believe

Paul - Henderson, Texas
Entered on February 20, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe CREDIT RESTRICTS FREE WILL. As a young man I lived life to its fullest with a full sense of freedom. Once in the military I was introduced to credit for the first time in my adult life. It didn’t take long for me to max out all credit options. I was paying out more that what I was bringing in each month. I fell into a deep depression and was getting through the day with alcohol. I was twenty years old. Eventually my dept caught up with me and I was court martialed. My pay was withheld and I was forced to move into the barracks and put on a maximum work schedule. ALL FREEDOM HAD CEASED! I was forced to re-enlist due to my financial obligations. Not a free willed decision. After convincing the military to ease my schedule I paid off my dept by working two part-time jobs. I made an oath to myself to never use credit again. After getting married, re-enlistment was up again. Seeking advice from my fellow soldiers revealed that they all wanted to transition to civilian live but couldn’t due to credit obligations. After a honorable discharge I moved to Dallas, TX. There the wife and I would go through hard financial times but with minimum stress due to no credit obligations. My wife completed college without any student loans. I was working for “corporate America”. The daily routine was taking its toll on me. Cut backs and changes were creating stress among myself and my peers. I decided to submit for a “dream job” within the company and advised my peers I would be leaving if not granted. After some discussion I learned that increase income did not mean an increase in freedom. They were in the same situation as my fellow soldiers were a few years back. Not happy with their situation but could not make drastic life changes due to credit obligation. My dream job came through and I was able to move to a cabin on a lake. I am now pursuing a degree in linguistic anthropology. Once complete I will be leaving a substantial income that even if successful in my new career choice would probably not pay half as much. No I don’t have a Lexus in the garage of my 2500 square foot house with rooms I don’t use that are furnished with the latest trends. But I do possess something that any amount of credit in the world could not purchase. Free will to pursue what will make me and my wife happy! Free will, I believe has always been the greatest asset of our country and the people that live in it. If free will is removed from a large population of a society it will not only restrain the individual from pursuing and achieving great accomplishments but collectively it will effect a nation’s ability to pursue and achieve great accomplishments…I believe!