This I Believe

Bettie - Thomasville, North Carolina
Entered on February 20, 2007
Age Group: 65+
Themes: children


I’m a United Methodist Woman and I believe in children!

I believe in children for many reasons. Children bring out the very best in us. Have you ever watched the faces of a group of adults when they watch children? Their countenances change when their hearts are touched by the beauty of a child.

I believe in children since I think of all people on earth, children are the most sincere and honest. That’s God’s gift to them that is so innate. I believe children believe in us until we prove to the contrary and even then, they still believe because of their intention to be sincere, unknown to them, but a gift inborn.

I believe in children because of the lessons we are taught by them,

lessons of love, and acceptance of everyone, Have you ever talked to a child who didn’t trust and believe? I am overwhelmed by their innocence and belief in others.

I believe in children because they continue to teach us; just listen very carefully to the children and you’ll come to see people as they see them. Have you listened to a child lately, I mean, really listened?

I believe in children because they will continue to teach you about the creation of the world and how even a rock, a small insect captured and released, a butterfly, a lightning bug is a wonder, not to mention the stars, moon and other mysteries of creation.

I believe in children because they think we know everything and we don’t, but by their standards, they think so. Most children think, “my daddy can do anything.”

I believe in children …. even if they are somehow abused, they still love and continue to love unconditionally.

I believe in children because they believe in Santa Claus and why not? Everyone could learn a lesson about that belief!

I Believe in Children

I believe in children because they believe in the mystery of unseen things……sometimes the most important things in which to believe. They are wise enough to see that.

I believe in children because they can draw an unbelievable picture of God unseen by only their eyes, but why not? They have extraordinary insight.

I believe in children because their heart is a giving and forgiving heart, ready to give you everything they have and forgive you.

I believe in children because they possess a mysterious personality we can’t seem to comprehend. I believe that captivating characteristic is one that we’d like to possess, but don’t know how.

I believe in children because of the gleam in their eye when all is going well, but I also believe in children when for some reason they can’t have that gleam in their eye. They would if they could.

I believe in children because they aren’t the disadvantaged ones; they live and exist in disadvantaged circumstances. Amazing how their eyes can remain wide and seeking amidst a dirty face.

I believe in children because they desire to be like us and learn from us. Why would we want to disappoint that image?

I believe in children since some only appear to us in magazines such as Response and New World Outlook and when we see this, we have a desire to help them in any way we can. That’s one reason I continue to be a United Methodist Woman, because we do help children in this global setting.

I do believe in children—God’s magnificent and extraordinary gift.