This I Believe

esin - edina, Minnesota
Entered on February 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: love

Just for one more hart beating

One of the hardest things in the world is not being able to do anything while you

are watching a person who means a lot to you, when he was in hospital and just sleeping.

I looked at him behind the glass. He was sleeping just a couple meters away from me. I

was breathing by myself, he was breathing with help of three machines around him,


The first day that he arrived to the hospital, doctors said it’s impossible for him to

survive because he lost almost half of his brain in that terrible accident and he didn’t have

any unbroken bones left. His family, his friends and I have never stopped hoping. In his

second month in the hospital, his doctor offered to stop the breathing machine because

he didn’t give any reaction to the medications and the doctor thought that he was totally


I can’t forget that day. We were all waiting for the one word that would come out

of his parent’s mouth: yes or no. The day that the doctor offered this, he gave the first

reaction to the medication. He threw up. After that, the answer was obvious: no. I visited

him every other day for four months, like everyone has done. His mom didn’t even leave

the hospital for four moths. Whenever I went to see him, I cried all night. Not because it

hurt to see him like that, it was because he taught me how to be strong, to be patient, he

had a greatest heart ever underneath that splendid body and he was never weak, not even

in that big white bed with machines around him that keeps him alive.

After his third month he opened his eyes and started to move his fingers. That was

a miracle for his doctor because biologically his body couldn’t heal the broken bones

while brain was not working. He was not able talk or actually move but he could open his

eyes. We never actually knew that if he recognized us or not but that was not really

important because whenever we went to visit him, we saw same happiness in his eyes.

Maybe he didn’t know who we were but he felt that he was loved.

After his fourth month in the hospital, some of us gave up hoping because he

slept. It’s been nine months now and he hasn’t opened his eyes since. I still wake up

thinking of him every morning and fall asleep thinking of him every night. I still pray for

him, I’m still hopeful for him and the most important thing is I still love him so much.

Now I believe the power of love. I have learned that love can create miracles, I

realized how much power we have, how much our love and thoughts can affect situations

and I saw that love and hope can be so weak and not enough for anything when they are

separate but when they come together, there is nothing more powerful..