This I Believe

mike - columbia, Missouri
Entered on February 20, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: environment

there is much talk these days at global, national and local levels about ‘sustainability’ and how we might all work together toward a more reasonable, healthy and green future….

i’ve attended a large number of meetings and talked to a whole lot of people and, so far, i’ve not heard anyone mention the benefits of the

reintroduction of industrial hemp into the regional and national economies…

i see ZERO reasons why this simple step could not have an immediate and positive impact on the national, state and local economies, as

well as ALL of the concerns of sustainability/environmentally minded


anyone not willing to discuss the reintroduction of industrial hemp into the u.s. economy is not truly serious about these concerns…

how are we to take seriously those who ignore and reject the single most beneficial solution to a whole host of environmental and energy

issues??? food, fuel, textiles, plastics, animal fodder, medicine, soil rejuvenation, etc…all from one plant that can be grown anywhere in this nation without pesticides and without fertilizers…hemp…

if people were serious about the severity of the ‘crisis’, only psychosis could explain such an obvious ignorance of solution…

rejecting the realities of the hemp plant is no longer an excuse…culture bound, provincial and hick-like attitudes are no longer a luxury…this is a BIGTIME corrective measure that can be implemented essentially overnight…and it is something that EVERYONE who is sincere about sustainable community and a green future should be able to agree upon…

how about it???

is this nation progressive enough to consider the wisdom of the world’s oldest cultivated plant and one that could really, truly help


and if not, for god’s sake, WHY???