This I Believe

yonas - Buena Park, California
Entered on February 20, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: afterlife

I believe that there is no good without bad and vise versa.

For me I believe in Heaven because my mom went to Heaven February 14, 1999. Oh by the way that’s valentines’ day! Were did she go? Her grandkids ask? TO HEAVEN we tell them. If she had to leave us she better be in a “Cool Place” than here, so the only place I can think of is THE HEAVEN. A woman who I have known all my life, who I loved dearly left to never come back on that cloudy morning of Lovers’ Day. I believe she got a call from HEAVEN. An angel was her valentine. Where do you want me to think she is? In the ground? No No No, Did she disappear? No No No Will she come back as a bird? No No No…….I BELIEVE SHE IS IN HEAVEN. And she will stay there. So when people used to show their sympathize, when they used to feel sorry for me for loosing my mom, I tell them, no worries she is in HEAVEN a place where she will never stop smiling. In HEAVEN I BELEIVE.