This I Believe

Ashlie - San diego, California
Entered on February 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe you are never too young to get married. Who says that there is a certain age requirement when you should get married? Is it in the constitution that you must be 27 years old with a good paying job and financially stable? No, it’s not. So whose business is it whether people want to get married at age 18 or 48? What is too young? What about the old days when getting married at the age of 20 was too old? Most people back then would already be prepared for their second child. But for some reason today’s society looks down upon people who want to get married at a young age.

I believe that there are certain benefits that go along with the idea of getting married young. The main one being why marry the wrong person at the right time, rather than marrying the right person at the wrong time. Meaning, why give up the most compatible person and search for something else when there is a possibility that there is no one out there better for you. Should you do it because society says so? Do you give up the best suitable person for you because your friends and family members don’t agree with your decision? Who cares? If you are happy and want to make it work then there should be nobody to stop you.

Another positive aspect of getting married at a young age is that you are never going to be lonely. Many people want to wait and find the “right one” before settling down, but many times spend their entire lives searching for someone who does not exists, and therefore, result in being on their own forever. What about having children? Getting married at a young age also means you will have children at a young age and will be able to play and be active with your kids. In many cases people who get married older wait to have kids as well and then aren’t able to be active with their children.

Whenever I inform people about my beliefs in getting married at a young age, the first thing people ask is if I am married? The situation is I am not married, nor do I plan on getting married anytime soon. However, I am currently the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding and have been there planning every step of the way. It has been very interesting to see the expressions that people give when two twenty year olds come in to try on wedding gowns, and not just because we want to play dress up. Everyday I feel as though I am fighting and defending her decision in becoming a young bride.

There is no age requirement for getting married. Maybe statistically the odds are against you, but it seems people are always getting divorced these days. Who says it is due to the age when they got married? I say when you’re ready, you’re ready.