This I Believe

Stefanie - Austin, Texas
Entered on February 20, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

At a young age, we are told that Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny are real and we should always be good for them. Every Christmas, I was the sweetest kid around. If I did do something bad, I would cry so hard hoping Santa would take pity on me and give me my presents anyways. To this day, I behave as much as I can so Santa will bring me presents and the Easter Bunny would give me the prettiest Easter basket. For every year of my life, I will boldly tell anyone; I believe in magic.

As soon as I hit middle school, just about everyone my age stopped believing in fairy tales. That was around the time kids finally learn what rebelling meant and that they were going to get presents regardless if they were bad are good. I also realized that all of them were a lot less happy. They got into more arguments over the most stupid things and overly stressed over the most trivial things. I was different though. I was that weird, geeky girl in the background who laughed at the simplest of things. The work was just as hard for me as anybody else, but Sir Rudolf the Reindeer always told me that I shouldn’t stress as long as I tried my hardest. He defeated an abominable snowman so I think I can trust him when he says I can pass a math test.

I’ll admit I’m often criticized about the way I approach a so-called serious situation. It just seems that no one just closes their eyes, think happy thoughts, and fly to Neverland. I once had an overly pessimistic friend just flat out tell me, “You’re wasting your time with all those stupid stories. You’re a smart girl yet you make up stories that 5 year-old would tell. You should grow up and act your age.” I gave my gloomy friend the most sincere smile I could and simply told him, “At least I’m happy. Are you?” He never answered me.

Over time, it’s easy to understand how a person just stops dreaming of anything magical. Reality hits hard and could depress anyone. That’s why I will always believe in the wondrous make-believe world. No matter how hard things get in real life, your dreams will always be there to give you hope and remind you that it is ok to be happy.