This I Believe

Tiz - Gastonia, North Carolina
Entered on February 19, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe learning to like yourself is one of the hardest but most important lessons you can learn. As a child I remember my parents saying to me “you better like who you are or no one else is going to.” I did not truly grasp the impact of what they were trying to teach me when I was younger, but as I get older I realize finding inner peace within yourself is vital. I realize that learning to love yourself is important not only for you but for all the others with whom you interact. I also believe that learning to love who you are as a person can be one of the toughest challenges we continually face throughout our lives.

Now that I am in my forties I do feel I have a better handle on what is important and on who I am as a person. Most days I am confident about being a good mother, I know I am good at my job, and I am blessed with wonderful family and friends. But…. there are days when I get low and I begin to doubt myself. Days when I lose it with my kids…..then feel like an awful mother. Days when I look toward the future and know there is little college savings for my children…. and feel I am falling short providing for my children’s future. Days when I second guess my parenting choices… and pray that I am doing the right things as a parent. Days when I look around and wonder did I make the right choice in pursuing a career that I truly love……..but that is not lucrative.

Even on these days when I can’t quite believe in myself somehow, somewhere in the depths of my being I reach down and pull up the things I know about myself that are good. Things I remember my mother always celebrated about me as a person. I take this and let it rise above the feelings of being overwhelmed and inadequate and I decide to get over beating myself up. I realize I AM the best thing for my children and I DO have something to offer those around me and I AM truly blessed in so many ways. Then I remember there are so many people other than myself that have so much less and so I am thankful for all that life has given me.

Then I smile. I like who I am. I celebrate who I am and I take long, strong strides back into the world with my head high as I step into another day. I like who I am and I can face the world…. This I do believe.