This I Believe

Rocio - Goshen, Indiana
Entered on February 17, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: parenthood

Expectations with a Little Encouragement Lead to Great Things

I have great admiration for my mom, yeah at times I feel like we disagree about almost everything but I guess it’s due to the striking similarity in strong character. She has always had high expectations for me since she believes anything I do I can do better. I remember one time when I was in ninth grade I received my report card and was very proud of myself that once again I was able to accomplish getting impeccable grades. You see I had always been a straight A-student and couldn’t be satisfied with anything less, except this time I had received a B+. I wasn’t disappointed though, because I knew that I was only one point away from getting an A. However, my mom believed that I should’ve gotten that one point plus two more. I questioned her about why she couldn’t be happy for me trying my best. She simply replied, “A parent always wants the best for their children and you will understand everything when you become a mother.”

Ever since I have truly believed in those words knowing that behind ant type of constructive criticism my mom only wants me to do better and become a better person. That is why I believe that my moms’ expectations and encouragements have only led me to be better. They have taught me to know right from wrong, to not make the same mistakes twice and to always look presentable because of first impressions.

I know my mom might sound strict and oh my she is, but I’m glad because if she weren’t I would probably be out partying and who knows were I would of ended up. However I am attending college and striving to make a better future for myself. Anytime I hear her telling me to sit up straight and not slouch, I think about her words and know she says it so that later she won’t see me with a hunched back, or right before I leave the house she trails behind me making sure I know not to speed, but of course I know that she expects me to drive carefully.

Nevertheless, it is my decision to listen to her or ignore her and do things my own way, but I only know that everything comes from her own experiences that she has lived. She knows all my capabilities and is certain that I can overcome any obstacle so I trust in her words. Now four years later, I know why that extra point on my report card mattered so much to my mom. I also still believe that all her expectations and encouragements have led me to be a better person, the girl I am now.