This I Believe

Kyle - Reedley, California
Entered on February 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

To Be a Kid Again

When I was a small, I believed I was in indestructible. I believed that if I was ever to get shot I would just open my eyes, jump up and walk away. Or if I were to get eaten by a shark, I could just quickly swim inside it before it bit me and kill it from the inside. I thought that I could do anything! So, one day I decided to try out my Superman like ideas. I stood at the end of the hallway, preparing to run through the wall on the other side. I took my mark and ran as fast as I could. It wasn’t till I woke up a little later with a bloody nose that I realized my theory hadn’t worked. I guess maybe I wasn’t Superman after all.

For me, being a kid was the most fun I remember having. I remember building forts out of boxes, riding bikes, and playing tag with my friends. When I was at school, I always had fun. I would play soccer or basketball during recess, and always giving the nurse a hard time by telling her I was sick and to send me home was something I remember doing a lot.

When I was younger, everything was a big deal to me. Weather it was a trip to Disneyland, or breakfast for dinner. Everything mattered.

My dad always told me to enjoy being a kid while it lasted, and I remember always wanting to grow up so I could have money of my own and I could do and buy whatever I wanted, but looking back, I understand why he would always say that to me. I believe he told that to me because when you’re young your biggest problem is usually deciding on weather or not to watch cartoons or to go outside and play with your friends. But when you’re older your decisions usually play a big part in your life. I believe he told me that because he wished he were a kid again to.

If I could go back, I don’t think I would change anything. Sure, I would have probabably listend to my Dad when he told me to do my homework, but I wouldn’t do anything different. I wouldn’t because I learned what and what not to do as a kid. When I have a kid of my own someday, I’ll do the same thing my Dad did to me. I’ll probably tell him to enjoy being a kid now because it’s gunna go by fast, and before you know it, you’ll have one of your own.

All in all, I believe that to be a kid again would be something I think everybody wants; chaseing the ice cream man, playing with your friends, and having fieldtrips are all things I miss, but this I believe, you’re only a kid once, So enjoy it while it lasts.