This I Believe

Hannah - Crown Point, Indiana
Entered on February 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that all things happen for a reason, that there is some kind of ruling force that decides when it is our time to go. As a young, innocent and sometimes naïve child I used to believe that the only reason people died was because of old age; however, I now realize this was just a falsely thought up belief. In this past year alone, I have watched people close to me struggle with cancer, car accidents, old age, strokes and more; I have seen some outlive these factors and others, for a reason I can’t seem to explain go crashing down without a chance to survive.

My theory behind this belief starts from a strong memory that will never be forgotten in my family. It was second grade and I was going to my first slumber party. My cousin, who’s also my age, was going too. As we turned onto Colleen’s street, I remember hearing honking from behind as we passed a mailbox that was streamed with colored balloons blowing in the wind. My mom looked in her review mirror and said, “Oh Aunt Deb is behind us!” I turned around in my seat and started waving at my aunt and cousins; watching Kristin get out of the mini-van as my cousin Ryan sitting in the front seat waved back and then—-BOOM. The next thing I remember is waking up in an ambulance on a stretcher.

It turns out my aunt was honking to tell my mom that she had missed the house. As my mom turned around and pulled out of the driveway, a man in a jeep racing over the hill hit our car directly on my mom and brothers side. My mom was in the worst condition; she would be in the hospital for over two weeks. She would have to learn to walk all over again because she had broken her pelvis into six places, her hips were broke, ribs were broken, her spleen was taken out because of damage, her head had been cut open and she had lost an enormous amount of blood.

It’s a miracle that she lived that night and everyone knows it. No one, not even the doctors thought she could make it, but for some reason she did. I believe that God saw something in my mom that night; as if there was still more he believed she needed to do before her life was taken. I can’t even begin to imagine what my life would be like without my mom, but God had a certain reason he didn’t take her away from my brother, sisters and I that night.

This is why I believe everyone has a predestined fate, that there is a key time when God decides he wants something to happen. Whether it be a near-death experience to make us open up our lives or in some cases the last experience we will ever have, there is no way to escape our ultimate fate.