This I Believe

Sean - Elkhart, Indiana
Entered on February 16, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children

Running at your siblings with a golf club and the rage of not knowing what you might do to someone seems freighting right, but when I did it to my siblings I wasn’t frightened at all. It happened when my brother, sister, and I were playing in the front yard and they weren’t playing fair and teasing me, when I just snapped. So I picked up a golf club nearby and chased them through the yard when I stepped in dog poop which they made fun of me for which made me even madder. I finally stopped because I couldn’t catch them. I believe that my temper made me who I am today.

When I was younger my temper would get me into a lot of trouble at school and at home. This was probably one of the best things for me, even though it doesn’t sound good. Younger I always heard the saying “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me,” and since I made many terrible choices more than once it made me realize that I made myself do that, which has helped me today. I know that I am the one that makes the decisions for me not anybody else.

Since I was getting such a bad temper, my mom and I went to a doctor and they prescribed me with Adderall, which just keeps me calm and not as irritable. It has made my life easier, but sometimes I wouldn’t take it and bad things happened. I have been trying to change my attitude because it has also gotten me in trouble in sports and sports are my life so I realized that I needed to change. My temper helped me realize that I had a problem and needed to fix it.

My temper has become a rare occasion because I think it led to its own demise. I kept getting madder and madder, but I also got older and smarter. So as the saying goes I have learned from my mistakes. My temper was a mistake that had to be fixed and I have been trying to fix it for quite sometime now.

Although my temper is partially gone, how it made me who I am now will never be forgotten. It made me a person that tries to make everything around myself as fun as possible so I don’t have a chance to get mad. If I didn’t have a temper I don’t think that I would have known much about myself because in the days that I got mad I learned a lot about myself I never knew. My best thinking came after I got really mad because I try to see why I actually did what I did. This I believe is why my temper made me who I am today.