This I Believe

peter - austin, Texas
Entered on February 15, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

In my search to improve my student’s writing I have reviewed many pieces of literature, speeches and even toasts. I found the best ones to be those where the reader or listener learned something important about the author’s life, experiences and beliefs. These pieces of literature all encompassed a form of reflection. Reflecting is the key to creating voice in an essay. Some children have a hard time reflecting therefore, their essays lack personality. Between homework, chores and playing they hardly have the time to share their feelings about their daily lives. I encourage my students to reflect every time they write, so that they may share their point of view.

I believe that people can be nicer to other people.

I believe that everyone can have a little bit more freedom.

I believe that people won’t stop trying after doing something wrong.

I believe people can have a little bit more fun.

I believe I can be more responsible for the things I do.

I believe that my mom and dad love me for who I am.


I believe that I can draw the city of New York.

I believe my art is realistic.

I believe that my art can be dreams to other people in the world.

I believe my art would be in a museum with a lot of people looking at it through windows.

I believe that everyone has art inside of them.

I believe people can express their feelings by drawing their feelings.

I believe that art is a feeling or an expression of their selves.

I believe that the whole world can do art.

I believe that my school can express their feelings by art.

I believe in everybody’s art.

I believe that art is an exercise.

I believe in art because I love how I feel, so I can draw how I am feeling.


I believe that I can become a good reader.

I believe that I can have a great life.

I believe that I can have a good wife.

I believe that I can have a great family.

I believe that I will make Mr. Gonzales proud.

I believe that I can take my brother out of handicapped school so that I can teach him myself.

I believe I can become an author when I retire.

I believe that I can become a drawer so I can make money and donate it to children with special needs.

I believe that I can become a good gentleman and express my feelings.

I believe that Wanda will not be made fun of at her new school.

I believe that I can become a pastor of the church Promised Land.

I believe that my parents will stay in love forever.

I believe that I will not be poor.

I believe that I can be honest.

I believe that I can work at the community service place.

I believe that you can not give up.

I believe that I will be best friends with people in the world.

I believe that I can do more that I can believe.

I believe that the world will be better.

I believe that I will be in love.


I believe I’m an artist.

I believe every bad person has some good in them

I believe that my friends have good hearts.

I believe that every person should have a good life.

I believe that on Christmas, the best thing to have is family.

I believe the beach is the most beautiful place to be on a hot day.

I believe dogs are the best things a person could have when they’re sad.


I believe in drawing the hardest thing in the world.

I believe in being an artist.

I believe in my mom and dad.

I believe in reading all day.

I believe in working hard all day.

I believe in sleeping so calmly that nothing can be heard.

I believe in riding a soft, quiet train.


I believe in Santa Claus every day, but mostly on Christmas.

I believe in God every day.

I believe drinking water makes your stomach cramp.

I believe I will be a good person when I grow up.

I believe that everybody should follow the law forever.

I believe nobody should hate anybody else.

I believe that you could always do something even though you say you can’t.

I believe that if your family teaches you, you could still learn a lot of stuff.

I believe that celebrating holidays helps you learn what not to do, and what to do.

I believe that you should always let your feelings and secrets out to someone.


I believe the first word you spoke was your favorite one. I believe that you love more your mom than your dad.


I believe in riding my first city bus. I believe that my father is the harder and painter worker than all other painters I have ever seen.


I believe that wearing new clothes makes you feel new. I believe that you can see the same things that I see. I believe that some people are good and bad. I believe that my mother likes my little brother more than me. I believe that if you spend a lot of time with someone you like them.


I believe that someday I will get to meet Santa Claus. I believe that someday the president will give passports to immigrants to go to other places of the world.