This I Believe

Jonathan - Tuscaloosa, Alabama
Entered on February 15, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe:

I believe kindness and tolerance should permeate the earth

I believe beauty is the worthy search for truth

I believe in the minute and steady click of the clock

I believe the beat goes on

I believe we are born to live, and

I believe we are born to love life, and

I believe we are meant to fulfill our humanity

I believe in flower people and,

I believe in ballerinas

I believe the ballerinas, during the intervals, stink like horses

I believe in going into no further detail here

I believe rock and roll is here to stay

I believe in Roy Orbison, and

I believe in Bridges Over Troubled Water

I believe in Fleetwood Mac

I believe in hippies hitchhiking, (long time no see) and,

I believe had it not been for the serene moral courage of hippies,

we’d still be fighting in Vietnam.

I believe Nixon was a crook, and

I believe people should say nasty things at funerals, and

I believe audible wisecracks would serve as well

I believe I have a mint of beliefs in my head

I believe despair is always conservative, and

I believe hope is always liberal

I believe in kind and tender mothers

I believe in decent people, and

I believe in people on the side of justice

I believe in reasonable people, fair-minded people

I believe people should not kill in any manner or degree

I believe people should not kill the human spirit

I believe people should not kill hopes

I believe I am enjoying everything generally supposed to confer happiness

I believe in girls with bouncing breasts, and

I believe in gobs of whipped cream

I believe in showy flowers

I believe in tight and loose women

I believe peacocks are fond of ostentation

I believe in following the winding and wide road

I believe the y in beond is not useful

I believe it is very healthy to split a bottle of wine at supper

I believe capital punishment teaches us all to render deeds of killing

I believe in progress

I believe in professionally organized closets, clapping light switches, ovulation kits, and

I believe in gimmicks of all sorts

I believe in surgically altered schnozzolas, but

I believe in natcheril tits

I believe in skimming from one topic to another

I believe everybody wants to live a gay and extravagant life

I believe there are some witches to be told off

I believe Islam is a crazy, absurd religion, and

I believe Christianity is preposterous, and

I believe Judaism is a sheer, blank, bottomless lie

I believe the earth is a real honky-tonk joint

I believe a hospital should be built instead of a church, and

I believe a deed must be done instead of a prayer said

I believe in living a vigorous life, with a vitality of feeling

I believe in the out of doors

I believe in taking a sweet morning mouthful of country air

I believe in a soft wind that kisses the flowers

I believe butterflies are in cahoots with tulips

I believe in fields of young sweet clover

I believe in the bracing effect of seaside air

I believe in a dappled fawn

I believe in alpine cottages

I believe in wolves prowling the forest

I believe in drawing a deep breath of clean pine scented air

I believe in soaring quail

I believe in babbling brooks, and

I believe in some pumpkins

I believe the fullest and sweetest ears of corn hang lowest to the ground

I believe in smells sweet to my nostrils

I believe in freshly cut grass

I believe in the odor of a tack room saturated with rawhides

I believe in the musk of an aroused woman

I believe in taking things easily and

I believe in ignoring trivial irritations

I believe in coffee, and

I believe in apple fritters, and

I believe bacon and eggs were made for each other

I believe in chocolate

I believe in ham and swiss on pumpernickel

I believe a traveling person lives more in one day

than a staying home person lives in a month

I believe there is always something around the bend

I believe a knit dress packs well

I believe Mexican food is the eleventh plague of mankind, and

I believe they eat hot little green peppers called jalapenos, and

I believe they eat chilies of all sorts, and

I believe they wonder why the next day they are so constipated

they need to keep their finger up.

I believe Africa has flies galore going around annoying people

I believe people there live in minus neighborhoods, and

I believe some live in little globular houses, like mud-wasp nests

I believe they are a sad, shabby, shaggy-looking lot

I believe in vines intertwined and monkeys trapezing

I believe there were two cannibals sitting beneath a dense over cover of jungle trees, and

I believe they were having a clown for lunch, and

I believe one said to the other, ‘does this taste funny to you?’

I believe climate has much to do with cheerfulness.

I believe pot keeps the birds off the antenna.

I believe Bush needs a poke in the puss

I believe people not in shape should be taxed, say, 20%.

I believe in keeping my appearance up to par

I believe in doe, ray, mi, fa, so, la, tee, doe and

I believe in drinking, and

I believe in singing a nonsense song

I believe in a lively woman who can dance, weep and love, and

I believe in veiled women, dancing with their entire bodies, moving slowly,

Undulating their abdomens to the sound of gongs

I believe there is a long list of acts in foreplay

I believe in doing the agreeable

I believe in to and fro, up and down, side to side

I believe in the radiant mist of the afterglow

I believe at times life is a perfect ecstasy of song, clear, ringing, copious

I believe in a woman who can smile when undressed, and purr when caressed

I believe in scandalous intimacies, skillfully curled, lay many worlds.

I believe in psychic income

I believe in laying lay back and letting my eyes and mind relax, and

I believe a secret to pleasing is being pleased

I believe “oh!-God!” is an acute expressive of severe pleasure

I believe in having all of one’s wishes granted

I believe my day will come

I believe you can draw your own conclusions from what you have seen

I believe tomorrow is another day

I believe in Friar Tuck. Friar Tuck shows us the way.