This I Believe

Tim - Goshen, Indiana
Entered on February 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

It’s nighttime in the middle of nowhere and you’re enjoying the chance to finally relax after a hot day in the sun. You’re sitting in a large natural bowl surrounded by thousands of people listening to your favorite band on stage. Rain soaked grass blades are digging into your skin. Bugs fly densely through the sky like static on a TV set. Taking a long, deep yawn, you remember watching fireworks, listening to the faint drone of your neighbor’s radio, and worrying about your tent’s stability in the storm winds from the night before.

None of this matters though. You are surrounded by the comforting sounds of LOUD music rushing through your ears and deep into your soul. This was me at the Cornerstone Christian Music Festival two summers ago. I’m guessing that nearly everyone in here was thinking about a different band on that stage. Even I have a difficult time picking that one band that during my experience there, impacted me the most. In a way for me, Music is life.

I believe in the power of song. Music has had a great affect on my life. If you think about it, music is not something that you are slowly introduced to. During school I was encouraged to participate in music. As a youngster I participated in children’s choir. In middle and high school I participated in the orchestra. Music has also been very prominent in my personal traditions. Every year on my birthday my family and friends celebrate by singing. Holidays feature hymnbook sing-a-longs, thanking God for providing for our family. On Sunday mornings I fellowship in a church where 70% of the service is based on song.

I’ve found music to be incredibly inspirational, especially in religious contexts. I don’t consider myself to be an immensely free thinker. In fact, I find that I lack a creative sense in many things. One thing has always held true for me though. Music has had the ability to spark the imagination within. It cultivates my mind, forcing me to think about what something means, especially in my faith.

These examples exhibit a somewhat formal training in music, but my passion for melody goes much deeper. I enjoy feeling the rhythm inside of me. I desire the catchy tune that I can hum on my way to my next class, belt out when I’m scrubbing down in the shower, or share with my friends at the dinner table. I’m enthused about different combinations of styles and instruments. All of these things fuel me in my everyday life. Music for me – is life.

In my life I am constantly striving to be a better Christian. Faith in general has always been difficult, and always will be. Its hard to believe, when you know you will never have all of the answers. I always look for some sort of a reassurance, something that tells me that there is a reason to believe. Music has been that reassurance for me. I take special comfort in Christian worship styles of music like those that I heard at Cornerstone. These types of melody have encouraged me to keep the faith and have molded me into who I am today. In music I have found my faith beliefs. That is why I believe in the power of song. That is why music is life.