This I Believe

Maximiliano - boulder, Colorado
Entered on February 15, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe the death penalty is inhumane and that it should be abolished from the law. I believe that death penalty have false accusation on a victim and never helps anyone in this world. I don’t know what the people see that do believe in death penalty. Don’t they know that they’re doing the same; just by watching the prisoner executed is like agreeing to end a person’s life. As I have seen in the past that colored people in the past had the hardest time because they’ve been accused under false testament and that white people were always right in the past. There is no good deed just watching people die right in front of you, all you would feel is this cold, spine chilling death. I guess in the past the judicial systems were still brand new to the new world, still figuring the best system for death penalty. Many people believe in the death penalty because of the “ eye for an eye.”

How is revenge post to help you when all you would feel is pity, disgrace and lonely? You’re just putting your self lower then the killer. How does it help you if you take a life away? Does it feel awesome? Does it feel like you won the super bowl? Or winning an election? No it doesn’t you feel pity and pathetic. Your life as of that day will be depressing and a disgrace.

As of right now I do believe that the world is subsiding on death penalty and how to act upon in different cases in courts. Especially that the judges are picked randomly. There aren’t that many casualties that have under gone through death penalty, recently the judges are lenient of sending people to their death. Just in a couple of year there would be no such things death penalty. It would be just a history in the past where we wont remember a thing.

There are still many ways for accused person to find a flaw in the judicial system. So what are they going to do to help and better support their law? Nothing absolutely nothing, they can’t really do anything because is basically a hundred year old rule given from their fore fathers. To re-establish new rules in United State is to start from scratch again and create a new judicial system that wouldn’t have that much of a leak. The Supreme Court had passed on to many laws that would help death penalty, the right to have a truthful court.

I believe that life shouldn’t be ended so quickly what god had created. God is jealous of us because we only get to see the world only once in our life, that we only get to se the most wonderful things in this world. So why do you want to end a life? You’re bringing a tainted death on to this world. So please think before act upon your action because once you have realized what you have done there will be no ways on turning around.