This I Believe

Kraig - Goshen, Indiana
Entered on February 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: family, sports

This I Believe…

The smells of the freshly cut grass and dirt on a baseball field are some of the most beautiful aromas to me. I can still smell and taste the Toll House ice cream cookies our parents gave to us as treats after our games. The stage was set for a great night; we had come so far and gone undefeated all throughout the national tournament and it was now time for us to compete in the championship game under the lights. We were playing a powerhouse team from California with everyone watching us. The game was back and forth and I even happened to have my best game of the tournament offensively. The final outcome was not as we had planned as we lost the game, leaving us stunned and heartbroken. We came away with a big runners-up trophy, which after a while we became content with because we knew we played our hardest and they just happened to be a great team. The smells, sounds, friendships, and experiences I came away with after this tournament convinced me I wanted to have this feeling of security and respect for the rest of my life.

I believe sports have shaped who I am today. Playing sports and just being a part of sports such as football, basketball, and baseball has shaped the way I live and the way my family lives. It has become a way of life for our family, my parents going to games and cheering on me and my sister. Its almost all we know to do because we have been doing it so long and I really respect my parents and sisters for all the running around and traveling they have had to do for me over the past 14 years of my life. So many great things have come out of athletics for me, things like; some great life-long friendships, tremendous life lessons, and also sports, I believe have kept me clean from drugs and other bad choices I might have made otherwise.

As I think back to some of the most rewarding and memorable times in my life, I can recall a great majority of those moments being associated with sports. Experiencing highs and lows in athletics have helped shape who I am today and how I handle certain situations in my everyday highs and lows in life. The competitive aspect of sports has helped me strive to succeed in things such as school. I have always wanted to become a better student and compete with myself to make improvements in my schoolwork. I learned to respect other players, coaches, and umpires as I grew older and it helped me increase my respect to others outside of athletics. Because of this I am where I am today, in college playing baseball which has always been a dream of mine, ever since those days when I was 12 playing in little league.

Being a part of sports is the only way I know and I don’t really know what or how I would be today without it. I sometimes ask myself what I would be doing today if my parents didn’t support me and help me love what I am doing and I really have no answer to that. I believe that everyone has something that they love to do and I have great respect for whatever that may be. That is why I believe sports have shaped me into a respectful and discipline person that I am today and I am very thankful for that.