This I Believe

Gisela - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on February 14, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

San Antonio, Third Fattest

While reading the newspaper yesterday, I found out that San Antonio is the third fattest city in the country. The most outrageous part is that I knew it all along. I mean how can you not be fat in this city if everywhere you look there is fast food available for us. I am not trying to excuse ourselves from it, but its true, with so much “junk” food available for us and not that many recreation places for us to exercise or for our kids to play, no wonder why we are one of the fattest ones in a bunch. This is why I believe that our city needs to provide more recreation places close to our communities.

Growing up in this city was not so easy. I basically couldn’t go outside and play around because of how dangerous the streets are in the south side. I’m not trying to say that the south side is a bad place, it’s just not the place where you want the little ones to play around, but even yet there was no parks close to my house, and the only one close enough was at downtown, and for a girl it wasn’t too safe to go around by myself. My mom noticed how I was gaining weight and she decided to put me on a so called “diet”; don’t get alarmed it was just a cut on tortillas and junk food. Indeed, I lost the weight but that was only because my mom took a step in controlling my weight and making me healthier.

Now that I’m older, I still have trouble maintaining a healthy weight but if we were to have more places for our kids to run around safely, we wouldn’t have this problem. It’s pretty sad to say that you had to put your kid on a diet, and I’m pretty sure my mom didn’t do it in a bad way, but I think that if I had grown up in a much safer community and with more parks or recreation places around or even closer to my house, I would not have gone thru all that trouble that still bothers me today.

San Antonio is a great place to live, but in Albuquerque , which is the number one fittest city in the US , has more options and recreation places than what we what we have like gyms, hiking and biking. S.A. does have all of these too, but only if you’re willing to drive one hour away from your house, not to mention the price of gas is pretty expensive. Also, our city doesn’t encourage us to do more outdoor things, like the city of Albuquerque does with its civilians.

Another reason why we have so many obese people in San Antonio is because of the new trend that is invading us, the Dollar menu. For many parents and grown ups is so much easier to by a burger or any fast food than to make healthy food for themselves or for the kids. If you combine this with our city not having enough parks, than of course people are going to start gaining more weight. Yes, maybe “the people” have some guilt in being the third fattest city in the nation, but give us a break, how can we loose weight if all we see being advertised is “junk food” and also the fact that we don’t have a place to go running or just to go walking at?

Like I said before, yes we’re indeed one of the fattest cities in the country, but I don’t think that we should blame it all on our lifestyles. Instead we should start considering in encouraging people in doing more exercise by making more parks and recreation places available for us some what near our homes.