This I Believe

Nichole - Greeley, Colorado
Entered on February 14, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

“Awakening the Light of Happiness”


This word is a dream to some, a reality to another, but a controversy overall. Is there such a thing as “happiness”, or is it an imaginary point we’re all trying to reach? Who’s to say that your happiness is only based on your luck in the status quo?

I believe that happiness is purely a frame of mind; therefore, I am given the option each morning when I step out of bed to choose my attitude for the day, choosing either to be optimistic or pessimistic. I believe that my attitude is entirely up to me, and that dwelling on the negative things that occur daily with each curveball thrown at me won’t get me anywhere near a joyful state of mind. I believe that situations don’t have to be “perfect”, as long as they are lightened. I believe those who are “poor and unfortunate” in the material world can be “rich and fortunate” in their own state of mind.

I have been lucky in my own life to experience this belief of mine first-hand. At my mom’s expense, my family and those around my mom were able to see the power of happiness as a frame of mind.

The growth of my belief began in the holiday season of my 6th grade year, when my mom was suddenly diagnosed with breast cancer. Being young, I didn’t know the severity of the situation at the time, but I can still remember when we received the call. I questioned her as to what it all meant, and she told me that it was serious and she could die if not treated. This thought scared the living daylights out of me. To try and release the tension of the situation, my dad and I repeatedly told her that she would make it through it and that all would turn out okay.

Throughout her surgery, treatments, appointments, and her everyday life, my mom had an amazing attitude that I could only dream of coming close to. Rather than being pessimistic and giving up, my mom fought her way through that battle and would walk around with high spirits…and her bald head! I have never looked up to my mom more than I did then because she was the ultimate example of happiness being only a frame of mind…especially an icky situation such as hers.

Even today, after she’s fought off cancer, I’ll go to her work and her colleagues go out of their way to tell me how they look-up to my mom because of her optimistic attitude during her battle. I’m also told by them how lucky I am to have a mom like her because she’s a remarkable role model…and I couldn’t agree more.

Having experienced happiness as being a state of mind, I believe that I choose my attitude. The negative thoughts are only in my head, so, to fight them, I think optimistically so they won’t escape…and awakening the light of happiness.