This I Believe

Harinder - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on February 14, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in establishing a just society where individuals can grow and realize their full potentials. A world waiting to be born based on the doctrine of Love and doctrine of Justice. Where there are no second or third class citizens, no unfair taxation, and people roam about freely without fear. Where there is political and economic stability and liberty is a birthright.

This I believe because I have been a witness to unjust and “devilish” behavior. For me, evil is the perversion of the mind which is defining the current world order. I survived the virtually unknown genocidal campaigns against Sikhs in India during my early teenage years. I protested the Bosnian mass killings during my Kansas university days while the fellow citizens showed apathy. I pleaded Americans and Canadians to exercise their moral obligation to become relevant to the genocides and impunities.

This January I implored the South Texans to not reduce Dr. Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. to an idol. I believe it is a disservice to boast about the man without actively furthering the contemporary civil rights agenda. Though I do not prescribe to extreme pacifism, Dr. King’s vision of egalitarian society remains my dream. Regardless, are there any national-level civil right leaders today? Where is the protection of the fundamental rights of Muslims, Arabs, or Arab-looking people in America? When are the African-American leaders going to shift the paradigm from “race” to “class”?

I am very aware of the fascination with analysis of everything; it kills the living inspiration of faith and love. Let me consider a polarizing issue: the immigration prepositions targeting Latinos in Los Estados Unidos. Do I wish to re-visit the Jim Crow laws? No, thank you. This is the land of immigrants. The nation was founded on ideals and inspirations, not dead matters of the law-books and finances. Let me discover feelings instead. The genuine, divinely-gifted, untainted, human feelings. I love my wife, but what would she be if I wished to know her by analysis alone!

I believe in the Jefferson’s conviction: America should have revolution every twenty years so its citizens recognize the value of liberty. And how to not be lethargic about fighting misconceptions. Just as the ‘land of the free’ and ‘home of the brave’ leads the world in multitudes, I work and pray for her to lead the global challenge of establishing just societies. I wait for the day when there is a genuine dialogue to resolve conflicts. I believe that will occur when there is a change in characteristics and behavior, when the ‘success’ is measured in human growth, not in material gains. In the meantime, I invoke the spirit of the Amistad jury as the true representatives of the ethical citizens. Let me learn about the issues, and exercise my conscience. I have channelized my anger, I have picked my battle: servicing the community thru education. The war is won by winning several battles. And this war on moral bankruptcy is promising to be a very long and trying one.

I, and you, must align our everyday existence with the One Integrative Force of the Universe. This I believe will create a very promising just world phenomenon. And perhaps, I will discover a lyrical existence!