This I Believe

Gordon - marietta, Georgia
Entered on February 14, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50

God Lay Dying

It didn’t happen all at once. When one reaches the point of categorizing something or someone as “dying”, the longevity of the process becomes apparent then. Not one moment sooner. I’m not quite sure when it first occurred to me nor why such a melancholy thought would flash into my mind and take up residence. But it did. This realization didn’t spring forth based on any particular incident. I didn’t fly to the AIDS ridden lands of Africa and watch innocent children die. I was never a partaker of a mission trip to the horrors of the Philippines where human life is dispatched while the children sleep next door. Never have I set foot inside a third world prison, only to see that this fourth world is much worse than the third. My body and mind is strong, my faith is stronger, my emotions are flowing, and my forecast for the future is good to great. But it didn’t take much honesty to finally admit to the reality of it all.

God lay dying. Tucked away inside my 33 years of living, some of it conscious and some of it unconscious, that germ of wisdom grew. The spirit is like that, it doesn’t need direction; it just needs honesty. Perhaps the phrase, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free”, carries a more profound and deeper truth than one that is often spoken in the pulpits. Perhaps “free” doesn’t always mean flippant words like happy and joyous. Maybe, just maybe, it means honesty. No more lies. No more fanciful thoughts. No more faith in the unknown. Face the facts. When all is quiet, admit the truth. Don’t hide behind the noise.

God lay dying. It’s not something God set out to do. I’m sure He thought of a few million other things He’d like to become. Maybe a Grand Czar, influencing the minds and movements of the billions in perfect harmony and peace? Unfortunately, the human race has other plans. I, at one time in my life, have had those same plans. For every man, woman, or child that kills the idea of God in their mind and their heart, also kills it in the mind and heart of another. Before long, God is killed along with them. I stand guilty of that. Past tense guilty. Right now, today, God is dying. The blips are getting fainter. It takes the blind to blame God for not rescuing the human race. It takes the honest to come to God’s rescue. May I be honest today.