This I Believe

MARLENE - Camarillo,, California
Entered on February 13, 2007
Age Group: 65+

This belief has saved an given me a life.

I believe we ar all connedted and hwat IU do in my life affects others on this planet…like a ripples in the water. Therefore I must be mindful of my actions and take responsibility for myself.

I believe I must do unto others as I would have them dounto me. I was taught this as a young child in Sunday School.

I believe that every new life is pure love and this love spreads throughout the world. My grandchildren taught me this. I held everyone of them from birth. They filled me with love.

I believe there is a Power greater than myself. I beliefe is Power takes care of me. I learned this as I was healing from a depression that hit me at age 48 when I became an emptynester. A very wise and unselfish therapist sent me to Al-Anon. There is depression in our family. She told me that being brought up by a depressed mother is like being brought up by some one who has a drinking problem. This belief helped me with the terrible fear of the future I had at this time.