This I Believe

Samuel - Las Vegas, Nevada
Entered on February 13, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

I believe in life. I believe in God. Each of us is the center of the universe. If we go out from any of us, or any point, in all directions — forever — there is only one thing. In other words, if we encompass everything there is — going in every direction, on every plane, 360 degrees — forever — there is one reality. If there is more, we have not gone far enough. I said forever, on every plane, in all directions. This one is God. It is life itself. Its very mystery is the mystery of “is” versus “is not.” Why it should be we do not know. As the Old Testament tells us of God: “I Am That I Am.” It is the mystery of life. We are all part of this. We are all part of life. As such, we should be gentle with each other, each a manifestation of life. As such we shoud be nurturing to each other, respectful of each other, understanding of each other. Sometimes it is difficult, but we should try. Even if we doubled our life span and lived to be 120 years plus, it is but a short span when considering eternity. On the last day of our lives, it will all have gone by fast, as in a dream. Life is a mystery. Our lives are mysteries. God is a mystery. But life is real, and so is God. This I believe. How others cannot believe in God, I do not understand. For to not to do so is to not believe in life. As I believe in life, I believe in God; and as I believe in God, I believe in life, even hearafter and forever. So to you brothers and sisters, I say in the words of Mr. Spock: “Live long and prosper.” Or in the words of that old standby song: “What are you doing with the rest of your life?” What more can I say? Well, there is one more thing: God bless you.