This I Believe

Mariam - Chicago, Illinois
Entered on February 12, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in knowledge through music. As a performer I learn methods of reading, writing and playing music. I have been playing the piano and the violin from an early age. I am also a singer and a dancer. Music has always been a big part of my life. Learning how to read write and play music is very tough. You must memorize all the notes, keys, beats and musical terms. It takes a while to learn all these new things. A year ago I noticed a change in my test scores and grades in middle school. That year I got new piano, violin, vocal, and dance teachers.

I did not enjoy playing an instrument at a young age. I was always complaining and never practicing. Still, I was pushed to keep playing by my mom, who wanted to a prodigy in the house. My grade in math was average up to 8th grade. In 8th grade I experienced a whole new view in the music world. In September of 2005, I got a new piano teacher. I kept telling my mom I was going to quit after the lesson was over. To my surprise I enjoyed the lesson. I learned a new song within one hour and then realized my talent. My teacher was pleased but she told me I needed improvement in my sight reading and counting. I became a girl obsessed. I sat down everyday on the piano and practiced for 2 hours. I learned to play songs by myself and pleased my mom when I was able to sight read a whole song.

At school my math grade went up very high. I finally got an A in math. I was shocked and so were my parents. I kept thinking it was just luck, until my piano teacher informed of the side affects of playing 2 instruments and being able to read music. My teacher started telling me that knowledge comes through music. She told me that if I have enough confidence in my self then I will succeed in anything. I believed it. My math grade did not go because of luck, it was because I had confidence. Sight reading music made me better at mental math, counting beats made me better in realizing patterns.

I got better at all my subjects because of confidence. I believe that there is a secret to gaining knowledge through music. I’m not sure how I became better, it just happened. Music became my obsession and I was not going to quit this time. My piano teacher ran a private performing program for all pianist’s, singer, and guitarists. When we were singing a song in the studio I became the lead singer and had a great time. To my surprise the next day, my teacher gave me 2 songs to play on the piano that had to be memorized. Many of the other students believed I would fail, but I didn’t. I learned the songs, memorized them, and preformed them for the upcoming concert.

I believe that I can accomplish anything from the knowledge and confidence through music of all types. Singing and dancing can teach you new things too, like discipline and preciseness. Through my experience with performing I have shaped myself to become a better person, physically and mentally through the power of music. This I believe.