This I Believe

Randy F. - buffalo grove, Illinois
Entered on February 10, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65
Themes: family

Your Mother is never to be taken for granted, this I believe whole heartedly!Mothers come in many biological ages and transverse through many stages. The little girl who dresses her American Girl doll like herself in matching outfits. It could be the babysitter who imagines that one-day these are her children. Maybe the movie dates where the boy kisses the girl with the ultimate happy ending. Still, the other extreme always coexists. Why was I born? Is there a true soul mate for me? Will I ever be truly happy?

Mothers are measured by many gauges. Single, gay, many times divorced, widowed and by moral choice. Mothers have to read between all the pages. Metamorphism from naïve to rational towards enterprising and engaging.

They have to soften the blows of volatile rages. Sterility, drugs and disease. Glamour, hygiene and jealousies. Through it all, Mothers earn ridiculous low wages! They’re innovators, motivators and cannot be procrastinators. They are nurturing, supporting and yet demanding.

They are stepmothers, foster mothers, den mothers, Godmothers, grandmothers…She gives an ultimate sacrifice, is sought for advantageous advice and sometimes, just has to roll the dice?

Mothers Day is not about flowers, candy and cards, jewelry, fur coats and cars, the brunch, the lunch, whatever you decide on to munch. It shouldn’t be the bickering, the arguing, the hissing. It should be the hugging, the missing, and the kissing.

It’s not just 24 hours, it’s over, wait until next year. It’s twenty-four/seven, open early, open late. We never close.

It should be the special day to share, to bare, to never despair, to declare, how much you care! Please add a prayer. For the less fortunate, those who are distraught. Those who passed away were needlessly cast astray, who don’t appreciate what a mother feels on this day.

I’m a fortunate man, blessed that I kind of understand. Thank you Mom and to all “Mothers”, the world would not be the same without you.