This I Believe

Kathryn - Martinez, California
Entered on February 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe ice cream really can help a wounded a heart.

I think back to a time where my Dad smoothly whisks us into the car and begins driving. He hasn’t told us where we are going yet…but he doesn’t need to because I already know. We are taking the same route we had taken many times. The excitement begins to build up inside me as I see the sign—Baskin Robbins—up ahead. Nothing could stop the smile that slowly comes across my face. Even with thirty-one flavors there is never a contest of what flavor I am getting—chocolate fudge of course. With my face pressing against the cold glass I eagerly await my turn. Ice cream truly has found a small special place in my heart.

In times of sadness I reach for that small place in my heart for help. Every time I am in a good mood, and you ruin it, every time your words sting my heart, and every time you can make it better but only continue to make it worse, one thing never fails: the smooth texture of chocolate ice cream cold on my tongue.

Chocolaty coldness has never felt as good as when you have hurt me. My tears stop rolling down my cheeks, and my shoulders relax a little. I can take a deep breathe and exhale. It is no longer about you or me, it is just about that short moment where all troubles are lost, and I am that little girl again, with her face pressed against the cold glass of an ice cream shop. Ice cream lets me find that little bit of happiness in those moments of sorrow.

Now maybe chocolate ice cream doesn’t cure my broken heart, and I am okay with that. I don’t know what actually can fix a wounded heart, and in the heat of the moment where tears are rolling down my face I could care less about curing it, because in the heat of the moment all I want to do is forget you and how you have hurt me. If ice cream shows me anything it is that I should not be wasting my tears on you, because you do not deserve them. So in a time where all I can do is think about you, ice cream helps me forget you—an undeserving you.

I believe ice cream really can help heal a wounded heart, even if just for a little while, even if it just stops me from thinking about you for those few precious moments. And for those few precious moments I am eternally thankful.