This I Believe

Alvina - siler city, North Carolina
Entered on February 10, 2007
Age Group: 30 - 50
Themes: love

silent love

I believe when you know you love someone say the words out loud, as if it is the last day on earth. Tell them when you wake in the morning. Tell them before you go to sleep at night. Let them know when you leave to go to work, shopping or when your just cooking dinner. Never ever assume they know everyday, because my experience has taught me a big lesson. Some people don’t feel the need to express their feelings and I was one of them I always thought, that when I looked at you or smile at you or gave a small hug, that the one I love knew. In the end he didn’t and it cause me a relationship I depended on and lived for everday. Now I feel the need to tell this person I love them, but the person, has let me know, that for 10 years the only thing I ever wanted to hear from you is that you love me and to know that your willing to say it, it hurts my heart to hear. Just hearing those words make you think real hard about life. I was sick and didn’t know it until I had no choice but to seek medical help. During this process I thought if I let the one I love go that he could be happy again and find love, when in fact he just wanted to find me again, and that was something I could not or would not see until it was too late. I have not died, and I am getting better everday, and I see things differently then before. On the other hand on the inside I am dying, for I feel, so hopeless and sad and empty. I hope I can reach this to anyone who has silent love. Dont’ be silent anymore. Shout it out for the special one to hear, speak those precious words everday to love ones and those you never spoke to. Most of all speak I love you to the one who holds your heart for when they are gone you feel nothing but sadness, loneliness, and heartache. Remember when you know you love someone tell them. It’s better to show it, but mindful if you say it. When they are gone they are gone and you may never ever get another chance to say I love you again. So say it, and believe in it. Okay ready say I love you! It really means alot.