I believe in community; especially the community created by Intervarsity Christian Fellowship.

Lindy - USA
Entered on February 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: community

Before I came to college I had community back home. I had the supportive community of my family, the community of my basketball team, and the community of friends at my church youth group. I had been part of these three communities for nearly my whole life. They have been such a blessing to me. Never had I experienced what it is like to live without community; that is, until I came to college.

I am attending an out of state college, and it’s one of the hardest transitions I’ve ever had to make. It has been difficult because I left my communities at home. I came to college knowing no one and having no friends here. I didn’t even have a roommate for a while because she didn’t come to orientation week. Needless to say, I was lonely. For the first week or two I felt isolated.

I remembered there were a few Christian clubs on campus, so I contacted one of the leaders and asked when they were meeting for their Bible Study. The first Bible study I attended was the beginning of a new community. They share my religious beliefs and are encouraging and loving and they want to see me do well. Not only do I get to see them at study, but I also see them Fridays for dinner.

Every Friday night after our large group meeting, the members of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship hang out. This could mean watching a movie, or playing ultimate spoons, or cranium, or going to the local ice cream shop, or simply talking. It’s a nice alternative to the classic college frat party. We love to have fun together.

Another aspect I really appreciate about the community of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is the leadership opportunities. Freshmen are encouraged to participate in the activities and get acquainted with how things are run. At the end of the year many students are encouraged to consider leading a Bible study. Those who chose to lead a study go to training for a week and are taught how to organize and plan a study. After being a Bible study leader, students can be an area coordinator or join a specific team such as the Justice team or the Arts team. Each level teaches leadership skills as well as many other skills needed in the work place and in life.

A good community is encouraging and devoted to the growth of its members. Intervarsity Christian Fellowship has been a huge encouragement to me. They have taken an interest in me as a person, and are dedicated to my growth. I love the people in the fellowship. I would be a very different person today if I were not part of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. Everyone needs community; it’s a basic human need. The community I’m a part of has a large role in the person I become. My community is my future.