This I Believe

Eric - Morro Bay, California
Entered on February 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: work

I believe in hard work. As simple as it sounds, I think the readiness to work hard is one of the most important traits an individual can have. Both of my parents are true examples of this belief, and have done their job to instill it in me.

My dad, Mark, grew up very poor and was obligated to join the work force as soon as he graduated high school. He has been working as an electrician his whole life, and has never regretted his decision. Although he works six days a week in a manual labor job, he has made plenty of time to teach me how to fend for myself. My dad has been working on his house for several years, and in the process, he has taught me how to do everything I could possibly need to know about working on a house. In the process, he made it very clear that with a little hard work, I can do anything I want. Whether it’s building or repairing a house, or excelling in sports, my dad has emphasized breaking a sweat to achieve and exceed.

Sheila, my mother, also came from a large and very poor family. When my brother and I were younger, she would drive half an hour every night to pick us up from our grandparent’s house. Since she was working at least two jobs at any given time, and our parents are divorced, our grandparents helped watch us. As we grew up, my brother and I were often forced to take care of ourselves since our mother was always working. After years of hard work and determination, my mother made her way to the top, and now lives very comfortably in a large country house. She has taught me that if I keep working at something, and stay focused, I can achieve what ever I want.

If there is one thing I have learned and retained from my childhood, it’s that hard work will always pay off. Throughout high school I worked hard both in the classroom and on the football field. Whenever I would get tired and disheartened with either homework or football practice, I would think about what my parents have been through to put me in the position to be able to play sports and focus on school without having to worry about my well-being. This belief of hard work gave me unforgettable varsity football memories, and acceptance into Cal Poly. I know I will do well in college and for the rest of my life because I not only believe in breaking a sweat, or being hopeful, but I believe in the hard work necessary to make things happen.