This I Believe

23 - Antioch, California
Entered on February 10, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

I will never forget the day we met. At first I did not like her, I let first impressions get the best of me, but when I let my guard down she and I began to build a strong friendship. She was the type of friend I had been looking for my whole life. The type of friend I could tell any secret to. When I was around her I felt comfortable, I could be myself. She was my best friend.

She and I became so close that some people thought we were sisters. No one at our school could say my name with out saying hers. We spent most of our time together since we had the same classes and we played the same sports. In class we were separated for talking too much and at practice we were scolded for not paying attention. We knew so much about each other, I considered her to be my family. We were each others pillar of support, when life was not as we expected we knew we could turn to one another.

She and I had conquered high school together and a new chapter in our lives was about to begin, college. For the first time in our friendship we were going to be separated. We had always been within walking distance, but now we were hundreds of miles away from each other.

In college we no longer shared the same experiences. She and I were making memories of our own and for the first time in our friendship, she and I were in different stages of our lives. She loved her new college life and I was wishing I was still in high school. I was home sick and wanted to her hear comforting voice but I soon learned that she was no longer my pillar of support. I was happy for her but at the same time I could not understand why our friendship was disappearing. After a few weeks, we hardly spoke to one another and I felt more like we were strangers than we were best friends. College was the ultimate test on our friendship, a test we could not pass.

I no longer have a best friend. I still reminisce about all the great times she and I had together and I smile. I do not regret my friendship with her, I cherish it. She made me a better person. Because of her I am stronger, forgiving and more understanding than I have ever been. I have not spoken to her in over a year but I do hope she is happy and life is everything she expected. As for me, sometimes I do miss having a best friend like the one I had in high school but I am glad the way life turned out. I still thank God every night for bring her into my life and for giving me a new perspective, she is why I believe that everything happens for a reason.