This I Believe

Brenna - Vienna, Virginia
Entered on February 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18

Life is full of worrying, stressing, endless amounts of work, and joys. These pleasures seemed to slip out of my life after elementary school and were, soon being replaced by work. Once in a while I can climb out of my hectic live and let go. There is nothing better than going back, and remembering what life should remain about.

Swinging is fun, pure uncomplicated fun. Looking back on my old playground I see that it was so much more than wood and brightly colored plastic. It became the setting for my adventures; whether I was escaping lions in Africa or taking off in a rocket ship. The swings were always my favorite part of the playground. And growing up with two swings, and two older siblings, getting a turn became a wonderful delicacy.

I remember when I first learned how to pump my legs. It opened up a whole world for me, above the treetops. It was like learning how to ride your bike, unforgettable. The harder you pump, the higher you will go. That lesson didn’t only help me on the swing set, but also in all aspects of my life. The harder you study for the French quiz, the better chance you will have of getting a high-quality grade. The harder you beat the eggs, the tastier the pie will turn out. Without knowing it, I set the basic of my work ethic as a kindergartner.

There are three parts to swinging: First, when I am behind, high up, and about to fall. There is so much potential and so much hope. And full swing, I am reaching out to touch the sky. I feel like I can do anything. Then there comes the point in the middle. Usually it passes right on by, as a stepping-stone, but it has the possibility to crash and burn. So I have to start pumping again. I was gliding effortlessly for a while, and now I have to work again. Some hard pumping will put me back into the swing of the playground.

The act of swinging remains ageless. It does not have a size or an age limit. Gender, age, race and religion, do not matter. There are no certain specifications. So, take a step back and decide what is important to you. Make your dreams come true. Take your past and use it to propel you into the future. This I believe.