This I Believe

Wendy - San Antonio, Texas
Entered on February 9, 2007
Age Group: 50 - 65

This I believe…..

I am often asked why with a 30+ year old PhD I am in the 40th year teaching–mainly visually impaired infants in public school. It could be, that as the sages of old, I believe that when you “save” a “soul” you save the entire universe, or, perhaps because I believe that each moment in the classroom may be that Helen Keller w-a-t-e-r- miracle moment when, from the chaotic black hole-ness of visual limitations, a young mind risks the reaching out to connect with the wonder of life. We—parents, teacher and child embark on that shared journey from the high safe and protective tower, in the fortress of keeping things the same, and open the gate in the walls, to take the bridge across the moat, into the unpredictable world of possibility. Each of us is perfect in our caring and our trying—although our “perfection” takes many forms and achieves different degrees of success from day to day—we don’t waste energy in judgment, but holding hands travel forward. On the other hand, there need be no other reason for my choice than the gift that each moment in the classroom brings of sparkling eyes and eager smiles.

Wendy Drezek San Antonio, Texas