This I Believe

Jeffery - Sherwood, Arkansas
Entered on February 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30

Ever needed a friend? Friends are the people who stay with you through thick and through thin. They will be with you no matter what. My friends have stood by me through more than I can describe. Without them I would be nothing. Friends bring you up when you’re down, they can save your life, and they are generally fun to have around.

Often times in my life I get depressed and I start to think horrible thoughts. It is at this point when I have to call my friends. I have gone through a lot. Three years ago my friend John died and I couldn’t believe it. I called my friend Alyssa and we talked all night. She told me what a great friend I have been to both her and John. She also told me that I was a good person and my life would work out. She told me that she loved me and those were the most warming words I have ever felt. She really brought light into my life that night.

I like to rock climb; I often go with my friend Grant. Once when we were climbing Pinnacle we were about 600 feet from the base of the mountain and on a fifty foot cliff face climbing, suddenly my hand hold broke I started to fall and I thought, I was surely going to die. Suddenly Grant’s hand reached out and caught me. That day he saved my life. I would not be in existence if it were not for my friend.

I like to have friends around because no one wants to be alone all of the time. I like to go to the movies and to go do things like mountain biking. These all put joy in my life and I think I would lead a sad life if I didn’t have people to hang out with. I am the biggest fan of having movie nights with thirty friends around on the couch and floor, everyone piled on top of each other. Just having fun is one of the greatest things that friends can do.

I have been depressed and brought up in times of trouble and sorrow. I have nearly died and been saved because of a friends love and quick reflexes. I have enjoyed the company of friends on many occasions. This I believe: friends are the metaphorical backbone of life.