This I Believe

Cæcilie - Denmark
Entered on February 9, 2007
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I believe in dreams and fantasy

By C’cilie (16 years old in 2007.)

I think it’s important to dream and fantasize, and we all can do it! Some people dream about small things like, ‘if I had more money I would buy ice cream. I think we all once have dreamt, that we were a famous movie or rock star. Others dream about bigger things like surviving and living happily ever after, if they are in war. Sometimes life can be horrible and other times it can be fantastic. But we all need to dream. And we are all free to dream! No one can take it away from us, and that’s important! There is this old Danish song from second world war, that says, (very direct translated from Danish): “They tie our mouth and hand, but they can never tie our mind.” I think it’s a very good sentence and a good song, because that is right! Your land can be bombed and you can be hurt, but you will always have your mind and you can dream, when you want to and what you want to.

In elementary school, I wasn’t out drinking alcohol with the other young people. I sat at home and read books, and that wasn’t really well accepted. But I like books, and I think its because, they let me enter into another world. There you don’t need to worry about homework and those who think you are weird. Instead you can do magical and fabulous things; you can fall into a universe of magic, and have a break from your problems and your everyday life. Almost every fairytale has a happy ending and in books, adventures can come true. What if… I had a magic flute? What if I could fly?! Or go through a wardrobe into a world with witches and speaking animals?! That would be amazing! Until I was about 13-14 years old, I really believed that I would get a letter from Hogwarts, and that I could be a witch. I dreamt about having my own magic animal, that could talk and everything! I am not disappointed that it hasn’t happened yet, but I can still dream…

I started role-playing about a year ago. When you go to role-playing, it’s very important, to have and use lots of imagination, or else it wouldn’t be fun. You need to create this fantastic dream world, in your head. If you don’t, you can’t see, what other can see. Elves, pixies, wizards and magic rings, can only be true, if you see them in your mind. If you aren’t in this special world with the other players, it won’t make sense to you. I see it like being in a movie, but here you are the principal character, you have to decide what to do and to solve your assignment. I feel sorry for people, who haven’t enough imagination to “live” in this world. But if you have it, you will be bewitched by it.

I have also been teased, for role-playing. Many people have lots of preconceptions about people, involved with role-playing. People think that it’s only nerds and really weird people who do it. I’m quite normal and I have lots of friends, but in middle school those from the class below me, sang this funny song about role-playing, every time I walked by. That wasn’t fun and it hurt me that they couldn’t accept that it is something that means a lot to me. I tried to ignore them and not to think about them, but it was difficult, and anyway I still go to role-playing and I haven’t regretted it.

I believe that we all are free to dream and fantasize and that we all need to. Children do it almost all the time and that is accepted, but if I want to go to role-playing, it’s not really okay. But I can do it if I want to and they can’t stop me from dreaming and fantasizing. It’s only a shame that they don’t have as much imagination, to do the same.

We know that all these magic things don’t exist, but we can always dream and fantasize about. Because, what if…