This I Believe

Rachel - SAN LUIS OBISPO, California
Entered on February 9, 2007
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: change

I believe people change.

Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad, people change. I have friends devastated by the divorce of their parents, who can attest to the fact that people who began their marriages deep in love fell out of love as time past. No one is totally at fault. Sometimes people just change. Then there are the lucky ones who unselfishly give of themselves to change for the one they love and they continue to live happily together forever.

I know some of the angriest, loneliest, depressed people who I invited to church with me. First they fought God’s love but finally embraced it. Once they did, a sense of peace overcame them and their whole demeanor changed. They discovered a will to live and no longer saw life as a hassle but as a chance to please and honor God. God offers a chance for good changes in people.

Many lives have been cut short through drug deals gone awry or by being put on death row. Shouldn’t they be given the same chance to change as everyone else? Their lives might be off track doing everything wrong, but all they may need is a little hope, love and some time. They to may change. They could be the next Gandhi bringing hope and joy to others if they themselves are offered hope.

People who seem kind and put together can instantly change into vicious monsters. My dad who loved me for the first ten years of my life, one day started drinking and began beating my mother and me. People respected him, he went to church every week, and rarely had a drop of alcohol. Nevertheless, he changed. My mother and I moved out and I have not seen him since that terrible day in 1997. I have to believe that one day I will meet him again, and he will throw his arms around me just like he used to. I believe he will tell me again that he loves me, and that he’s sorry for all the pain he has caused. If he changed once, he can do it again. I have to believe this. It gets me through the day seeing people all around me changing. I want, no, I need to see him and feel his love again, so I have to believe that people change.